We are Global Analytics.

Solving business challenges through geospatial technology and intelligent analytics.
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Disrupting Location-based Analytics.

We enable Global Analytics through data integration, visualization, and analysis on demand and at a global scale.

Data Discovery

Visualization and Analysis

Data Marketplace

Digital Earth Discovery

Seamless data integrations.

Discovery is the Digital Earth data management and integration tool that ties your geospatial and big-data data together, providing a gateway to exploring, visualizing, and styling public and private datasets and sources. Using a data-crawling technology, Discovery can search corporate and public servers for information and datasets, and provide updates, fetch data ad-hoc, and manage access and authentication methods.

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Digital Earth Insights

Visualize your location data.

Insight is the Digital Earth engine that powers applications through powerful APIs and analytical tools. Insight creates a bridge between geospatial data and mobile, web, and desktop applications. With Digital Earth widgets, create visual tools to assist in analysis and discovery activities.

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Digital Earth Marketplace

Find new data sources.

The Marketplace is an online geospatial data marketplace where Global Grid Systems and their partners provide datasets that have been vetted, curated, and updated for use in applications and analysis. Datasets on the marketplace can be trusted as accurate and up-to-date according to the specifications of the dataset provided. This marketplace gives organizations access to datasets, analysis, and markets where they have limited visibility today.

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Disrupting industries using geospatial information and global analytics.

Our Digital Earth platform, built on an innovative DGGS technology, enables organizations to power applications with complex geospatial information and analysis to enhance decision-making processes and disrupt their industries.

 Through our Digital Earth Marketplace, exchange data sets, views and analytics through collaboration with scientists, operators, and other contributors around the world.

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