Global Grid Systems

Formerly known as The Pyxis Innovation, Global Grid Systems is a world leader in next-generation Digital Earth and geospatial technologies, using the OGC standard Discrete Global Grid System to empower organizations to Explore, Discover, and Disrupt using our Digital Earth Insights platform.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to build a Digital Earth engine powering applications, analysis, and decision-making with geospatial information. With stories in Climate Change, Energy, Insurance, and Marketing, we believe there is a tremendous opportunity for disruption across the globe, using geospatial analysis to improve modeling, predictions, operations, and asset management, among others.

Our Mission

We believe that organizations can make better decisions if they are informed. We are building a Digital Earth where organizations can observe, understand, and take action through geospatial data and analysis. Our mission is to drive our disruptive partners and their applications with geospatial data, visualization, and analysis using our geospatial engine.

We aim to connect organizations to their geospatial data in ways they never imagined, offering new insights to their markets, operations, and strategies. Contact us for details on how integrating geospatial information can add value to your business.