Insurance and Risk Management

A global insurance company is implementing a risk analysis platform to understand the cost and probability associated with disasters such as flood, drought, and earthquakes for African micro-farmers. Their goal is to create an accurate, low-cost insurance portfolio to protect the developing world. They have never been able to visualize and expose their datasets outside of complex risk analysis algorithms that abstract the value of the data.


The insurance company wants to enable their field sales staff to visualize parametric information and models for their customers, and integrate this analysis into the pricing model. They want this to be done in real-time, so that customers can understand their risk and premium pricing.

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Climate and Environmental Science

Various agencies within the Government of Canada are implementing DGGS, including:

  • Mapping and Earth Observation
  • Natural Resources
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Open Geospatial Data Platform

A group of government agencies is implementing a “common look and feel” platform to expose scientific and social data being collected through various agencies across their country. Their scientists are unable to collect, aggregate, and share data or analysis effectively using current tools and systems.

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An energy producer in Calgary has faced a decline in oil-prices. They still need to operate and maintain their assets, but need to reduce costs. A field-services company servicing assets must reduce costs to offset those oil prices. 

A renewable energy producer in Canada must find ways to operate a large network of generation assets. These assets are susceptible to losses in production due to snow, rain, cloud, and wind conditions. They need to accurately model events of this type and plan for operations and maintenance to restore production and reduce losses.

The organizations are collaborating with Global Grid Systems on a direct-to-labour, direct-to-material, and direct-to-equipment model to provide an Uber-like shared resource management platform for oil and gas, cogeneration, and renewable energy facilities, field operations, and maintenance. Optimized route mapping based on maintenance schedules, trip costs shared across regional providers and direct-to-resource models would provide a tremendous optimization to the operations costs across the industry.

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Marketing and Advertising

A real-estate marketing agency located in Calgary, Alberta is working on an innovative segmentation approach to produce better targeting for advertisers and market media platforms such as Google Ads and traditional print, radio, and television marketing. They use geospatial data integrated with a variety of datasets to produce meaningful market segments and guarantee that not only are impressions being generated, but that the right information is being used to create and target segments.


A marketing media company owns advertising space in the form of televisions, screens, and billboards in 500 medical and corporate offices across Calgary. They want to show content that’s relevant to the patrons of their space. They can’t accurately predict who will be in a space at any given time, and rely on traditional methods to schedule advertisements. They want to enable a data-driven network of media to advertise directly to their audience.

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Agriculture and Crop Management

A crop consulting company is working with many clients on crop plans. These crop plans require an enormous amount of analysis, effort, and experience in order to produce.

A meteorologist wants to provide real-time weather data about micro-climates in areas of interest to consultants in order to produce relevant crop plans and accurate yield models.

A farmer managing many crops wants to plan his business for the next season and wants to understand how the changing climate and weather conditions may affect his yields. These plans are based off of previous yields and his estimates for the next year carry a high risk of being inaccurate without the proper analysis.

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Global Grid Systems’ Digital Earth platform allows disruptive organizations in these industries to deliver solutions that meet the needs of their industry. We power industry experts using technology that has been previously inaccessible to them, and build applications that drive decision-making and optimization models. Through our marketplace, we create an environment where these industries can share their insights across verticals to enhance their businesses and share in the value created.

Global Grid Systems adds value to organizations by powering geospatial and data management applications. Global Grid Systems’ Digital Earth provides the tools to better visualize, analyze and share the data and applications created using our engine.